General Kelly Is In Command at the White House

Scaramucci was a chaotic force who risked a complete blow-up of the West Wing with his scorched-earth campaign against leakers and his combative style. President Trump tweeted on Monday morning.

On the one hand, the president has a point.

A "source within the White House" told the Daily Caller that Kellyanne Conway could be the next White House communications director. Mnuchin declined to comment on whether that would change in the future, saying that Treasury "would continue to review all our options" but that "our objective is not to do anything that could hurt the people of Venezuela".

The message came at the end of the day in which the White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was fired.

But the road quickly grew rocky. But as the New York Times reported, Kelly requested Scaramucci be let go, and that was that.

This is not a job for anyone who wants to be IN the limelight. Reporters have the right to ask questions.

Time and again, it appeared Trump might settle down and act more like a traditional prospective Oval Office occupant. He also mocked White House chief strategist Steve Bannon by joking that he "sucks his own c**k". So far, the United States has declined to place broad sanctions on Venezuela, preferring instead to target specific members of the ruling party.

It's like the movie "Mean Girls", except it's at the White House. "As President Trump said earlier this month, the strong and courageous actions by the Venezuelan people to stand for democracy, freedom, and the rule of law have been continually ignored by Nicholás Maduro, who dreams of becoming a dictator". But that is fine, because there are worse ways he could be dictating. While what I'm urging may not be the "Trump" brand, it is the brand of a leader.

Trump began the day with a typical tweeting stream of consciousness.

The job of the WHDOC is to oversee and coordinate all aspects of the administration's communications. It makes them much funnier.

And the public official would be wise to limit those interactions to reporters who have proven themselves worthy of trust. His aides said privately that he seemed apprehensive about the move to his new home, but Mr. Trump has discovered there is a lot he likes.

"The world's most secure system", he added, laughing.

Then there were the stumbles and factual misstatements in the GOP debates, the graceless winner moments after primaries and sore loser moments after caucuses. Kelly has by all accounts performed ably in that job, earning respect from frontline departmental troops and immigration professionals. "Yes sir", he tweeted.

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