Apple Store Offline Ahead of iPhone X Launch Event

A boost in sales from consumers who are keen to get hold of the latest Apple product is good for the company's bottom line.

Apple will likely unveil three iPhones.

For months, loyal iPhone users have been talking about the new Apple device, slated to be unveiled today. The iOS 11 GM revealed Apple's new A11 processor that features 6 cores - two high performance cores and four high efficiency cores. Here's a detailed look. Over the weekend numerous leaks emerged, but most importantly, none of those will matter, now that the imminent release is just mere hours from now.

The launch event is also special because it will be hosted at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple's new 'spaceship' campus.

The live streaming is supported on iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or later.

Apple just announced a new Apple TV that will stream video in ultra-sharp 4K resolution
Apple Store Offline Ahead of iPhone X Launch Event

The X's rear camera will have a 12MP sensor camera and the front camera will have a 7MP sensor, he said. The phone is expected to have a starting price of about $1000.

This will be amazing for the American Smartphone manufacturer that continues to ward off competition from China's giant mobile phone maker Huawei and South Korea's Samsung as the largest market shareholder for number of phones sold. If you find your iPhone 7 Plus or any other iPhone older and want to upgrade it, then Apple will take care of your decision. Yikes. However, it will be the best, highest spec'ed phone Apple has every released - even including an OLED screen for the first time. For full details coming out of the event as it's happening, check out our liveblog.

Could it be. something to do with Apple's big iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) press event tonight? The update to the Apple TV is also thought to add support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision, says BGR.

Where and When is Apple Keynote 2017?

Apple has supposedly been working on an updated model of the existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus - rumored to be called the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and both could be introduced this morning. The new OS also puts focus on Augmented Reality with Apple making the ARKit available to developers.

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