Microsoft Windows Mobile failed to take off -- here's why

Microsoft introduced its Game mode optimisations with Windows 10 Creators Update.

If it's not entirely obvious, clicking Retry would present the exact same message again. Windows 10 is built to take advantage of GPU, but the university didn't have GPU acceleration technology for its Windows 10 VDI, so the desktops reverted to using a lot of CPU power, said Steve Athanas, director of platforms and systems engineering.

First off, some of the previous updates, bring a few issues of its own.

This update brings some UI changes for OneNote app. You can now notice some Fluent design elements in the OneNote app on Windows 10.

The company is looking into the matter and checking for the problem.

"We have been analyzing the traces from your feedback and have identified several different problem sources surfacing as stutter in games". If you want to test it out and you're not an Insider yet you can find instructions on joining the Windows 10 Insider Program here:

This programme is essentially a managed crowd of people voluntarily providing feedback on Windows products and services.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will start to roll out from 17 October. "We have a fix in the Windows Insider build that flighted to the 'Fast' ring this week (build 16273 and above)".

Microsoft has been a leader in consumer and enterprise software for years, and its Windows 10 operating system, Azure cloud platform and Office 365 software are all growing. The bugs have been affecting players ever since the Creators Update landed, and seem to complex for Microsoft to fix them that quickly. I've just checked my account and I am also on a 10 limit, even though I had six Windows 10 devices listed as active (two phones, three computers, and a Surface - but I don't have an Xbox One).

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