Should Windows 10 Power Users Shut off Windows Update?

In practice, it means an entire class of hardware issues no longer get picked up or resolved due to changes in testing procedure.

Hi, same issue, odd thing is the browser does not appear to crash, but if you open Event Viewer there will be lots of errors showing Edge has crashed. What we can speak to is whether or not it's safe for power users, who take pains to keep abreast of Windows development, to risk turning Windows Update off. The answer is "Yes, probably, but make certain you consider the risks". "We have been analyzing the traces from your feedback and have identified several different problem sources surfacing as stutter in games".

Microsoft has been under heavy fire from privacy advocates and users ever since it released the first retail version of Windows 10. We are bringing a range of improvements and features that enhance the reliability of VPN on Windows 10 Mobile.

Unfortunately for those currently suffering from performance issues, little can be done until Microsoft releases the Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update next month. The major front-end advantage is that they will allow vendors to create user interfaces that are unified in look and feel. Microsoft addressed nine issues that pertain to input, including one where pressing delete when using the full touch keyboard layout in UWP apps would input a period rather than deleting a character.

Microsoft revealed the latest usage figures for Microsoft Edge at its Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 event in Seattle today. So we will have more builds to release to Windows Insiders between now and then.

Many Windows 10 users can't install the latest Windows updates on their PCs.

Microsoft has been gradually tweaking its Windows 10 privacy controls this year.

Industry-wide, the pressure is on to prevent data breaches.

In 2013 Microsoft reconsidered its miserly policy - after all it must want people to buy and use multiple Windows powered devices, rather than alternative options. Going forward, they will also be able to state whether a Windows Store app can use the camera, microphone, contacts list, calendar and other elements.

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