Trudeau heads to Mexico after blunt talk about alternatives to NAFTA

The meeting, part of a bilateral "CEO dialogue" that meets a couple of times each year, included a closed-door discussion on the NAFTA negotiations addressed by Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray and Economy Minister Idelfonso Guajardo, who are in charge of the negotiations for Mexico.

"When North America wins, America wins and the American people win as well", Mr. Brady said.

Shortly after Videgaray was sacked for his perceived closeness to Trump, Trump won the US election, and Videgaray - the only senior Mexican politician who had any relationship with the new USA leader - returned to cabinet with a promotion to foreign minister.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue called Trump's proposals "poison pills" for Canada and Mexico, which could result in the death of the agreement, Reuters reported.

"Canada and the United States are tremendously intertwined".

"We are your biggest client", is the message Freeland said Canada will bring to the table.

As an example, Guajardo said Mexico's share of the USA textile market had actually fallen to half of its pre-NAFTA level, because even though the US lifted tariffs on Mexico, it also lowered them on China and Vietnam.

Trade experts predict the fourth round of the talks will probably stall as the US aggressively pushes for controversial changes to a rule governing how cars are made.

"If you don't think this is a reality that the President is looking at withdrawal, I want to make it clear that it's a very real possibility that we will either withdraw or we will reach a deal that I don't think will have any chance of getting through Congress in 2018". The committee has jurisdiction over all taxation and tariffs and is responsible for implementing any changes to NAFTA. Ujczo said it's a possibility that the Trump administration is counting on that.

The panel was "dedicated to ensuring these negotiations are successful", Chairman Kevin Brady said while Trudeau made a rare visit to the committee.

The U.S. had a $63-billion trade deficit with Mexico past year, compared with a surplus of $7.7 billion with Canada.

The fourth round of negotiations for the North American Free Trade agreement is underway, and American, Mexican, and Canadian negotiators are entering some of the more hard subject matter. "Naturally they will defend this lopsided accord", USA trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said on Tuesday. -Mexican relations and adversely impact bilateral cooperation in non-trade areas.

"Blowing up Nafta guarantees chaos, and guarantees you lose jobs", Gingrich told the Dentons event, joking that Trump "has a sliding scale of 'worst deals"' that must be taken with a grain of salt. "So we'll see what happens with NAFTA", President Trump said.

"We are very aware that there are other potential paths out there", Trudeau said, when pressed on a possible collapse of talks.

Under NAFTA's Article 2205, any country can pull out of the deal with six months' notice.

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Mr. Trump also crowed in the interview about pulling the United States out of the 11-country Trans-Pacific Partnership in January. It's a great honour to have - I consider that a great accomplishment, stopping that.

"The impact would be the opposite of what's intended: U.S. industry would source more inputs from Asia and less from the U.S. That's right - this proposal would actually send business overseas", Donohue said.

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