How Did Argentina Lose a Submarine And Its Crew?

The Argentine Navy confirmed today that it has lost communication with one of its submarines.

The navy said the San Juan's last known position was in the San Jorge Gulf.

"We are investigating the reasons for the lack of communication", he said.

According to protocol, submarines that lose the ability to communicate must surface, Balbi, the navy spokesman, said.

The submarine was equipped with enough food to continue on its journey to Mar del Plata regardless of whether there were communication problems, authorities said.

Ships and aircraft have been scrambled to search for the vessel - named ARA San Juan - in the southern Argentine Sea.

The last communication with the device date to Wednesday morning.

Sam LaGrone of US Naval Institute News reports that Argentina has not requested further assistance from the US yet, but the US Navy is preparing submarine rescue gear just in case.

Both the naval destroyer ARA Sarandi with a helicopter on board and the corvette ARA Rosales had also been sent to the area.

On a photo Eliana Maria Krawczyk, one of the crew of the missing submarine in officer's rank.

"To be lost you have to look for him and not find him", he said.

The ARA San Juan submarine shown here has been missing for two days after giving its last location in southern Argentine waters. "We join the international community in hoping for an outcome involving no loss of life or injuries to personnel".

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