Philippines launches probe into dengue vaccine scare

It has now cautioned: "For those not previously infected by dengue virus, however, the analysis found that in the longer term, more cases of severe disease could occur following vaccination upon a subsequent dengue infection".

Based on the the pharmaceutical firm's new analysis, there is a "very clear and sustained benefit vaccinating those who previously had a dengue infection before... potentially preventing 15 dengue hospitalizations or four clinically severe dengue episodes per 1,000 vaccines", said Sanofi Pasteur global medical head Dr. Ng Su Peing.

While Dengvaxia is the first-ever approved vaccine for dengue, scientists and researchers have already recognized it was not perfect and did not protect equally against the four different types of the dengue virus in clinical tests.

Ng said further noted that the same data showed that over a five-year period, there were five individuals who were hospitalized for dengue and two others who suffered from severe dengue among 1,000 individuals who had not contracted the disease before they were vaccinated with Dengvaxia.

The developer initially said its Dengvaxia vaccine was "critical" in the fight against dengue, the world's most common mosquito-borne virus.

"Our present health officials are serious in carrying out their mandate to always guard the health and physical well-being of our people, which includes intensifying surveillance and evaluation of our dengue vaccination program", Roque said.

The company is also proposing to update the labels of vaccines to reflect new information.

"Sanofi urged to shoulder health needs of affected children, provide full compensation", Hontiveros said in a press statement.

Jimenez said the VACC was cooperating with health authorities to retrieve the names of those who received the vaccines, especially in the country's main regions.

Sanofi on Monday said there have been no reported deaths in the Philippines related to its vaccine.

More than 733,000 children have already received Dengvaxia, raising fears that many could develop the harsher form of the disease.

Out of more than 211,000 suspected cases of dengue fever in the Philippines last year, at least 1000 people had died, according to government figures.

Sanofi will continue to monitor all those who had been vaccinated for up to six years from the time the first of the three recommended doses were administered, she said.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre said he will order the National Bureau of Investigation to determine if Sanofi Pasteur, which manufactures the vaccine, gave the Department of Health "proper warning" on the vaccine's possible risks.

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