Steve Bannon misfires, mocks University of Alabama. Oops

It's estimated that over 100,000 registered voters in Alabama now no longer have the kind of documentation they legally have to show in order to vote because of that photo I.D. law.

Trump, who seldom admits an error, said on stage while campaigning for Strange in September that he might have picked the wrong candidate, just as Bannon said. "GOP incumbents would have been asked about Mr. Moore every day".

"Trump's direct involvement in the race was almost certainly orchestrated by Bannon, and you would expect Trump, who cares more about winning and losing than anyone, to place the blame at Bannon's feet", added Kurt Bardella, president of Endeavor Strategies and a former Breitbart spokesman.

Republicans members of Congress and conservative media are united in blaming one person for their party's loss in the deep red state of Alabama Tuesday night: Steve Bannon.

Moore denied the allegations, but faced calls to drop out of the race from top Republicans.

The narrowing of the Republican Senate majority to 51-49 will give more individual senators an opportunity to "grandstand", the board wrote. "He looks like some disheveled drunk who wandered onto the political stage". His work has previously appeared in the American Prospect Online, and he blogs frequently at Sadly, No!

"I have no problem, you have to fight for what's right", King responded.

After Judge Roy Moore was accused of sexual indiscretions not only did Bannon stand by him but he fought hard with less than a 2% difference between Moore and winner Doug Jones.

This is nothing new, of course.

  • Monte Muniz