After Trump Spat, Steve Bannon Steps Down From Breitbart News

Wolff reported in his book that former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes approached Bannon in April about teaming up to launch a new conservative television network that would feature the just-fired Bill O'Reilly. "When he was sacked, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind", Trump said.

Excerpts from the book started surfacing last week and Trump and White House staffers spent most of last week denying most of Wolff's descriptions of an Oval Office in tumoil and a president coming unhinged.

Despite receiving tremendous push-back from the White House - which characterized the book a work of "trashy tabloid fiction" - author Michael Wolff said Trump and he would likely be "flattering" each other in a few minutes if they ever met again.

North Korea has claimed Michael Wolff's bombshell new book about Donald Trump spells the end of the USA president's political career.

Breitbart Chief Executive Larry Solov, in a statement on the organisation's website, called Bannon "a valued part of our legacy".

University of Toronto professor Randall Hansen published a book in 2008 titled "Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany, 1942-1945".

SiriusXM said in a statement after Breitbart's announcement that Bannon "will no longer host on SiriusXM" because "our programming agreement is with Breitbart News".

Bannon had described a meeting in NY with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential election campaign as "treasonous".

No one has been more closely identified with the Breitbart website or had more to do with emboldening its defiant editorial spirit than Bannon did after its namesake, Andrew Breitbart, died of a heart attack in 2012.

Rebekah Mercer, who contributed more than $22 million to conservative causes, Breitbart and Bannon said she and her family is "done with Bannon" and have "shut off the spigot".

He initially left Breitbart in 2016 to lead Mr Trump's unconventional election campaign.

"In this case he's aiming at inside the White House and inside the president's inner circle. and by castigating the president for a lack of intelligence, lack of focus and lack of seriousness of goal".

"What would be gratifying to me is that if at this moment where we have an unstable, deranged demagogue operating the greatest army the world has ever seen, that more people read a book about the horrors of war and the awful effect on the civilian populations", Hansen said. Trump said there were good people on "both sides" of the incident, earning widespread opprobrium.

  • Leon Brazil