Critical book on Donald Trump released

The president and his staff insist they never offered Wolff the access he sought for his book. It was, said Walsh, "like trying to figure out what a child wants".

The White House though is adamant it's mere "trashy tabloid fiction". He attempted to sue Bannon and Michael Wolff and the book publisher to get the book not published.

"There's been no evidence whatsoever to prove what he said in this book is factually accurate". I know from Bannon that he set up the whole thing. Donald Trump is in bad shape as we head into 2018 and it's only the first week of the year.

Furthermore, Michael Wolff himself acknowledged that he can't be sure if parts of his book are true. Holt responded by moving up the release date to yesterday morning.

Rush Limbaugh, the far-right conservative commentator and radio host, derided former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, calling him a leaker and a creation of wealthy GOP donors.

One woman waiting in line who came too late said she had been "glued to the internet" for days reading about the book.

"I've spent around three hours with the president, over the course of the campaign and in the White House". Steven Bercu, CEO and Co-owner of BookPeople said more than 100 people have placed book reservations for the new shipment Monday.

The early excerpts have caused a public rift with Mr Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon over his comments in the book about the President and his family.

Sanders spoke Friday on "Fox and Friends" Friday about Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House".

"I never understood half of the president's staffing", he said. "We receive a lot of phone calls".

"I didn't generally intend to buy it, but I heard that it pissed the president off, so I decided to buy it", she said. Whether he realised it was an interview or not, I don't know, but it was certainly not off the record.

Media organizations, whose corporate owners oppose Trump, are then used to spread the narrative.

Wolff defended the book in an interview Friday on NBC's "Today Show," saying he stood by "everything I have reported in this book".

In addition, Wolff says in the book that the president's relationship with his youngest son, Barron, 11, is distant, claiming "an absentee father for his first four children, Trump was even more absent for his fifth, Barron".

The tweets drew swift ridicule on Twitter, with some memes comparing Trump to Fredo from The Godfather films (MSNBC even showed a clip of Fredo whining about being smart). He said he was "comfortable" with all the reporting in the book.

Some US news outlets have questioned the validity of statements made in Wolf's book.

It already has cost him a key backer.

"Let me put a marker in the sand here".

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