Liverpool's Lallana out of FA Cup tie

Joey Barton has joined numerous others in decrying the use of VAR in Saturday's FA Cup clash between Liverpool and West Brom at Anfield. It would have removed all the joy and excitement from what will forever be one of the Premier League's most iconic moments.

We'll also decide on a weekly basis which side can consider themselves lucky and which was the easiest decision for a match official to make. Then Mo Salah was pulled back by Jake Livermore for a penalty.

The Reds were undone by more slack defending in first-half stoppage time. However their Premier League counterparts didn't look or play like a top flight side and were well beaten on the day.

With just over 10 minutes played, Rodriguez had his second. As it stands it's a farce. That is not the system's fault. "Having watched it back about six times, it's still a wee bit inconclusive for me". When the goals were scored on Saturday night, confusion reigned.

The VAR system dominated the headlines at Anfield after taking centre stage during a truly breathless FA Cup tie.

The former Burnley striker was on hand four minutes later to give West Brom the lead and stun the Anfield faithful. Or so we thought.

Referee Craig Pawson has been the central figure in both of the VAR-induced 'scandals' that have gripped English football in recent weeks. Good luck spelling Grzegorz Krychowiak in the pub quiz though, especially after five pints.

Clattenburg's overarching concern that to work effectively, VAR decisions must be reached quicker than has hitherto been the case is of paramount importance.

The biggest issue remains one of communication.

A buoyant West Brom threatened again early in the second half and Dawson once more nodded a loose ball into the net following a set-piece, although the officials rightly ruled it out for offside despite chants of 'VAR, VAR' from the nearby visiting fans. Three big calls. Three correct decisions and despite old heads like John Motson calling for its removal already, it looks like VAR is here to stay.

Watching a game on television and watching a game "live" in the stadium always have been very different experiences and always will be, with TV viewers granted a range of benefits that their in-stadia brethren cannot access. It was a great touch from Michy Batshuayi to Hazard, who was then flagged offside by the assistant... in his own half! He would have been advised by VAR. Sane was actually onside, though we are talking absolute fractions here though. We would be better off scrapping the video referee all together. More trials will reduce the length of delays.

  • Ricardo Clara