Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 17074 for PC to Windows Insiders

However, Microsoft released SCCM version 1710 back in November, which supports the new Windows 10 comanagement feature for devices and also supports Windows 10 update 1709 deployments. Not only does the feature allow users to carve out a couple of focused and productive hours out of a busy day, it can help prevent embarrassing, potentially career-ending notifications from various applications.

Rather than wait for Microsoft's signal, enterprises are encouraged to roll out upgrades, albeit to internal piloting programs, as soon as consumers are offered them, and then move on to environment-wide deployment as soon as testing is completed and corporate IT staff are confident workflows won't be sundered. Microsoft also made accessibility improvements when using Narrator to browse, search, or load a book. For example, one variant pretends to be from a South Korean online garment seller who falsely claims that the recipient's information from their website has been leaked due to a website hack. Users of assistive technology will also find several improvements to viewing PDFs or Books with a screen reader, including more explicit narration when opening, loading, and navigating books.

If sound is unavailable on your computer after installing the latest Windows 10 build, you're not the only one.

Microsoft has tentatively set end-of-support dates for 1709, as well as past upgrades, in a fact sheet found on its support site. You can grant individual extensions permission to run in InPrivate, and Microsoft is working with developers to enable extensions more while InPrivate mode. You can now also take Books, PDFs, and Reading View pages full-screen.

For Store books, reading progress, notes, bookmarks, and annotations will roamed much faster across devices on the same account in near-real-time via WNS.

There are other changes with Edge in this build which are still noteworthy. See below for the other changes.

Updated media for volume license and other business customers will be published on January 22. When you choose to never save passwords, you shall never be prompted with a save password notification for that site. Windows 10 Home edition users can just delay Windows 10 updates for a short while, but they can't block them entirely without turning off the Windows Update service (which is thought to be a bad idea, security-wise).

The preview build also contains a bevy of Microsoft Edge enhancements, including a revamped Hub interface.

The Microsoft Edge DevTools can now be docked vertically, fulfilling a a top web developer feature request.

You steer the car to the left and right to avoid obstacles, use the nitro to get an extra boost, and rockets to destroy anything that is in your way.

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