South Park For Nintendo Switch Has Been Listed By Aussie Retailer Sanity

Dark Souls: Remastered represents the first time a Dark Souls game has appeared on a Nintendo console. The DLC will unlock different content as time goes by.

The NPD Group has yet to unveil the December, 2017 NPD numbers for North America, but Microsoft's head of Xbox games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, blew the numerical load through the lid a few days early with a tweet. His support Pokémon joining him will be Mew and Celebi. It's like one of those logic statements where they say Harry beat Jeff in the marathon, but Jerry had the fastest time. And Celeste from developer Matt Makes Games will be available on 25th January. Wave 2 follows on March 23rd. The upcoming sports game will also add some strategy by allowing gamers to figure out what kind of shot will have the best chance of earning a point.

Finally, a demo of Dragon Quest Builders has also been released today. It's a third-person action game that forces players to carefully choose every action, lest they die over and over (and over and over) at the hands of even the most mundane enemies.

The description on the YouTube video simply states "Here is a tiny glimpse into our new project" indicating that, perhaps this isn't going to be a game we've seen from From Software before.

"The PS4 Pro is a powerful console as well and we are trying to utilize the power of each platform - within the limits of the CryEngine".

The game comes from Camelot, the longtime developer behind the Mario Tennis franchise.

Nintendo Switch is getting a definitive edition of Hyrule Warriors this spring.

Mario Tennis Aces smashes onto Nintendo Switch sometime this Spring. Luigi, Mario's brother, will host Balloon World. It's a race for others to find your balloon and you to find theirs as fast as you can. The series came to an end last year.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is getting a new character.

And yes, the series is back for Nintendo Switch, promising a story mode with missions, boss battles and more.

It looks like Nintendo Switch will have another stellar year.

Starbreeze Studio's Payday 2 was also featured in the Nintendo Direct Mini. Payday 2 is set to release on February 27th.

EA's Fe was also on display as was previously rumored.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will release on the Nintendo Switch on May 4. With this version though, Funky Kong is being included as a playable character. So we can probably expect more news at E3.

All of which seems fairly positive, but there's no pretending any of it constitutes a major release for the system.

"Hyrule Warriors" is a spin-off based on "The Legend of Zelda". Dark Souls Remastered is coming to the Switch. It was ported to PC in 2012.

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