Things Missing from Nintendo's January Direct

Xbox's head of marketing Aaron Greenberg sent out the above tweet in celebration of the phenomenal holiday season.

With the release of video streaming services like NicoNico in Japan and Hulu in the west, the Switch officially became more than just a gaming device.

All this will be up for grabs in February.

Nintendo managed to once again shock fans with a litany of announcements recently in a new type of Nintendo Direct known as a Nintendo Direct Mini.

This jump in games is apparently due to the number of sales the PlayStation VR has achieved, which is partially down to the drop in price scheduled in October 2017.

The Payday 2 is about to be ported to the Switch, and it's coming with the time-exclusive character or heister Joy, a "Japanese computer whiz". Fingers crossed it's not bumped to 2019. Otherwise, the Switch version also delivers two player local multiplayer, 1080p visuals in TV mode (no word on portable resolution) and all the paid DLC. You won't have to wait until International Talk Like A Pirate Day to polish your swashbuckling drawl. Some Donkey Kong themed DLC will be hitting Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sometime in the spring, along with Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition and Mario Tennis Aces, which will include the franchise's first story-mode since Mario Tennis Power Tour for the Game Boy Advance.

The Nintendo Switch needs third-party publishers to survive. Porting Super Smash Bros. for Wii U over to the Switch would be a "best of both worlds" solution that gets the franchise on Nintendo's newest console while saving the team behind the series the trouble of creating an entirely new game. Dubbed "Final Remix", the description reads, "The highly stylized and critically acclaimed Nintendo DS game, The World Ends with You, is coming to Nintendo Switch with HD graphics, Joy-Con support, and a new epilogue!"

The updates to The World Ends With You will allow you select from either touchscreen or traditional controls and it will also include a "sizeable new scenario". Dark Souls Remastered was also revealed to be making its way to Switch in May, making sure to fully pad out that month for owners. The first ARM-based Windows 10 laptops will also arrive, allowing us to get a look at what the tech firm mostly known for mobile phone microchips will bring to the computing table.

DK will be included in a new story set in a new world, and will be exclusive to that new content. DK's content comes included as part of the Season Pass for anyone who owns it, or will be able to be purchased separately.

The demo version of Dragon Quest Builders is now available at the Nintendo eShop for the Switch.

  • Leon Brazil