UCF celebrates 'national championship' at, of course, Disney World

"Thanks to the City of Orlando and Mayor Dyer for helping make this national championship celebration special for our student-athletes and fans". "In fact, I think there were remarks about the special nature of the context". It's not the first time it's happened, but it's a first under the College Football Playoff format.

There was no justifiable argument for an undefeated school to be ranked that low. Why did it happen? Still, with talented playmakers like A.J. Green and Aaron Murray and a four-bowl winning streak, the Dawgs were favored heading in. Chad Harrison, the publisher of the newspaper, was at the national-championship celebration Monday to present the Knights with the original metal plate from the printing press used to crank out the national-championship edition.

"We have 12 judges in a room that may or may not know a lot of football that are making determinations", commented Frost. "I'm not sure the system doesn't need some fixing".

Outgoing coach Scott Frost, who left to take over as the head coach at Nebraska, attacked the CFP Selection Committee over what he called a "concerted effort" to keep the Knights out of the playoff.

But despite the public reproach, Hancock said he doesn't foresee the playoff expanding past its current four-team model.

Particularly, when CFP executive director Bill Hancock tries to justify UCF getting snubbed by saying, "It all comes down to who you play".

Alabama played Mercer, Colorado State and Fresno State and it didn't seem to affect the Crimson Tide one iota.

The University of Central Florida football team has been trying to stake its claim to a national championship in football since New Year's Day. I don't believe Alabama should have even been in the playoffs. Frost spent much of the afternoon as a guest analyst on television for the National Championship Game. Can you imagine if the NFL eliminated the Jacksonville Jaguars from a chance at competing for the Super Bowl because they don't have the history, tradition or fan base of the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New England Patriots? He has kept alive UCF's national-championship narrative by scheduling a national-championship parade, paying coaches their national-championship bonuses and ordering players their national-championship rings.

That team is undefeated UCF, which has already declared itself national champion before the title game begins.

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