Walmart To Close 63 Sam's Club Stores, Announces Pay Increases

Trump administration officials on Thursday praised Walmart for increasing wages and delivering bonuses to employees, even as the company laid off thousands of other workers and closing stores on the same day.

She tweeted at the company that she renewed her membership for $100 last month and wanted a refund.

Several employees declined to do an on-camera interview with Channel 2 News, but did discuss details of the surprising announcement. Our confirmation came from the Town of Prescott Valley, which had heard from a Walmart/Sam's Club representative. Some workers will be offered roles at other locations, the company said. Similarly, traditional retailers are closing brick-and-mortar stores in favor of expanding their online business.

When asked about the closures, Sanders declined to comment on the layoffs and said the White House was "excited" about the wage increases. And wages for hourly retail workers have risen less than 9 percent since 1990, compared with 18 percent for overall workers in the private sector.

Weiland said the impact will be widespread. Fitz had been pleased earlier to read the news that Walmart was boosting starting salaries and offering bonuses. "So it's unclear how many people will be impacted by the Sam's Club news".

Walmart raises its minimum wage to eleven dollars an hour. "The one-time bonus I'll be getting won't help me long term". Many of our associates and members will move to nearby clubs. Salaried employees will also receive six weeks of paid parental leave.

The company said that these changes will benefit more than one million employees, and the wage increases are due to take effect in February.

Anti-Walmart Group Unimpressed With Tax Bonuses
Walmart To Close 63 Sam's Club Stores, Announces Pay Increases

For some, it's more than a luxury to shop at the club, it's a necessity to meet family needs.

The company drew criticism from people on Twitter who objected to the lack of notice about the closings. "I know when I travel that's one of the things I look for".

Walmart is in the early phase of assessing all opportunities that could benefit its employees and customers based on the tax reform bill.

During an October meeting with investors, Furner said the retailer needed to improve its "competitive position" as same-store sales growth started to slow into the first half of fiscal 2018.

And given what happened at Sam's Clubs with lay-offs, some shoppers are skeptical.

Stores across the country reportedly shuttered without warning as part of the closures.

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