Here are all 150+ new emoji coming in 2018

From a microbe to a mango, 2018 will see the release of dozens of new emojis, according to a statement from Unicode, the organization in charge of emoji data and development.

What new emoji has you hyped?

"A new lobster emoji would fill a necessary and unique void in the current Emoji List, and, should it be added, appears destined for significant usage by lobster fans around the world", King wrote in his letter to the consortium, according to the publication. One of its responsibilities is controlling the emojis that smartphone users can add to their texts and other messages.

After months of discussions, they come up with a list of new characters and vote for a new release of Unicode. I've been writing about emojis for a while, and I got comment about the lack of red hair every single time.

You'll be able to send a variety of superheroes and super villains of different genders and skin tones.

The Unicode Consortium announced 156 other new emojis Wednesday besides the coveted lobster, including a pirate flag, a softball, a female superhero and a mosquito.

Unicode 11.0 will also include new objects, such as a teddy bear, a cupcake and a skateboard. It's so as to synchronize the Emoji version number to the latest Unicode 11.0. He even signed the tweet with a cow emoji and a crown emoji, seemingly representing his name "Angus King". Apple and Google will then ship iOS and Android updates with those new emojis at some point before the end of the year.

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