In security breach, spectator crashes opening ceremony twice in Pyeongchang — Winter Olympics

Kim Yu-na, South Korea's former gold medal-winning figure skater, wore skates as she lit the Olympic cauldron, after being handed the torch by two members of the joint Korean women's ice hockey team - one player from the North and one from the South. Sweden's Charlotte Kalla won the first gold medal of the Games in the 15K skiathlon, and Marit Bjoergen of Norway made history becoming the most decorated female Winter Olympian of all time with her 11th medal.Saturday's busy slate, features the men's 1500 short-track speed-skating.

According to Woo, the distance between the launch sites and the capital mean that people in Seoul would have just five minutes to reach a shelter. The South Korean president mentioned the need for the North to resume its dialogue with the United States.

"The grievances that the world has about North Korea are very legitimate". And given the sporting rivalry between South Korea and Japan that stretches for decades, the two country's clash is sure to generate almost a circus-like atmosphere. "It's a time to focus on messages of reconciliation and peace". They sat in the same row as President Moon and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Rumors are swirling that she could be carrying an offer for Moon to travel to North Korea.

"These have not disrupted any events, or had any effect on the safety and security of any athletes or spectators", they added.

Kim Yo Jong, the first member of the North's ruling dynasty to venture South since the Korean War, forms part of the highest level delegation ever to cross the border. Palestine has since been recognized as a UN observer state, but at the time it had no UN status.

Photo The Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Pyeongchang, South Korea on Friday night.

American officials attempted to paint a rosier picture of Friday's ceremony as showing solidarity among allies. Erin Hamlin, a luger, and speedskater Shani Davis tied in a vote for the honor.

North Korea's nominal head of state, Kim Yong Nam, and leader Kim Jong Un's sister, Kim Yo Jong, attended the games' opening ceremony.

Foreign policy analysts believe that an attack on its capital, which lies barely 35 miles from the border, would trigger "a collapse on both sides of the border".

With the unprecedented political developments at the Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang in South Korea, mild cracks appear to be running across the shell surrounding the uneasy alliance that used to reacts on impulse, whenever the atmosphere over the Korean Peninsula rumbled.

But Schoff said that by pouring cold water on hopes for better inter-Korean relations, Pence's stance could be viewed as critical of Moon's outreach to North Korea.

A weird start to the Olympics, and hopefully it won't happen during the closing ceremony.

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