New list includes a redhead at last — Emojis

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There won't be any new job this year, but you can expect a bunch of superheroes and supervillains. Speaking of which, the somewhat mysterious emoji guardians have just released the final list of new emojis for version 11.0. "The process for nomination is democratic, it's open", he said. Mobile and desktop OS makers such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft can now look at these design parameters and make customizations and tweaks for their own products. "Lobster's a good way of calling your significant other", one woman told us.

Lobster lovers like King had felt a pinch of resentment that their favorite crustacean was without representation. There are tons of awesome new faces and animals being added to the mix. Naturalistas and gingers of the world: you are seen. However, we're also getting other top-of-head diversity, including bald, gray-haired, and curly-haired variants. "Really? that's awesome!" she exclaimed. If you like to post about food, included are emoji of leafy greens, salt, a bagel, mango, moon cake and cupcake. Talk to the vendors you are considering, and put them to the test.

The release includes 157 new tiny characters to choose from to spruce up your text, tweet or status update.

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