Facebook will soon let you 'Unsend' Messages in Messenger

While the laws apply to Europe, Facebook has already indicated that it will comply with them around the world.

Facebook confirmed to Wired that a relatively small number of Facebook users gave access to Messenger - only 1,500 people gave the "This Is Your Digital Life" app permission to access the data, but anyone who messaged or received messages from those 1,500 people could also potentially be impacted. "Please review your data settings by 25th May to continue using Messenger". It's a full-screen message that appear when Messenger is opened, and by clicking the Review Now button that is also displayed, users will be able to check and tweak their privacy settings.

The company is simply covering itself before impending European privacy rules clamp down on its sketchy data collection practices next month.

Facebook has been having a tough few weeks with its latest misfortunes triggered by the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal that broke out recently. Under the GDPR, companies must make it easier to see what data they collect on users, protect that data from misuse, and notify users if their data is ever compromised.

For tech giants, especially those that rely heavily on data for ad revenue-like Facebook and Google-the GDPR passing into law is a nightmare scenario. This appears to be Facebook's way of complying with the rules, though it's interesting to note the privacy settings are still opt-out.

It seems that the privacy review option is currently in testing mode as it is not yet fully functional. By the looks of it, we can expect an Instagram-like unsend feature that would completely wipe off the message and space from the chat windows.

  • Buena Jesus