Google Is Redesigning Gmail: Here's What To Expect

Google also noted it would give more information about the eventual shutdown of the Gmail Offline Chrome app in an upcoming G Suite Updates blog post.

Gmail users will be able to opt into the new "Gmail experience" via Google's Early Adopter Program (EAP). According to TechCrunch, the Confidential Mode feature could be released at the same time or could be delayed to a subsequent update. Smart Reply will suggest quick responses to emails for users to choose from.

Now, TechCrunch has reported on a new feature in the new Gmail: the ability to send confidential emails that expire.

The new Gmail, which is now being tested internally and with trusted Google partners, is a great deal prettier than the version web users are currently accustomed to.

Google Korea said it is not aware of the potential release of the speakers in the South Korean market.

In answer to the verdict, Google has said: "We work hard to comply with the right to be forgotten".

Like other services that allow you to send disappearing messages, such as Snapchat and Instagram, Gmail's confidential mode doesn't prevent someone from taking a screenshot or photo of the email.

And you'll be able to put an extra layer of security on particularly sensitive emails - you can require the recipient to confirm their identity with a passcode (sent to their phone), or to log in a second time, before viewing the content. The industry leaders are suspecting that Facebook is using that software to collect data from all those users who are connected on the 'Powered by Facebook' devices. Google has not mentioned end-to-end encryption anywhere, which means the company is most likely to stick with non-encrypted emails.

The researchers believe this capability can have a wide range of applications, from speech enhancement and recognition in videos, through video conferencing, to improved hearing aids, especially in situations where there are multiple people speaking.

  • Leon Brazil