Liverpool laugh at Harry Kane, joke Mohamed Salah will claim three goals

No matter how much money he would have cost Liverpool no one would have expected him to bag 40 goals this season, that he cost them around £30 million makes it all the more extraordinary.

After the Reds comfortbaly beat Bournemouth 3-0 on Saturday afternoon at Anfield, Milner jokingly claimed Mohamed Salah got all three Liverpool goals.

This week Salah was the one really wanting more goals as their rivalry grows. "He's got to keep going and try to get as many as he can".

The Belgium playmaker has flourished in Pep Guardiola's system, with his killer final balls and goal-scoring providing some of the most memorable highlights of City's march towards the title. And when a stray Simon Francis pass gave him a chance to run at the Bournemouth defence a few moments later, he again showed little inclination to part with the ball, even though he must have known he had little chance of scoring with a rising shot from the edge of the area.

Apparently piqued by Kane's nerve in bulking up his total with disputed goals, Salah made it clear from the outset that he was keen to find the target.

Unsurprisingly, given their exertions over the last 10 days, Liverpool could not summon the intensity or urgency they produced against Manchester City in the Champions League. Salah took to Twitter to offer his take.

Salah's performance against Bournemouth looks the opportunity to do so and if Henderson and Milner's comments are the last, they're a brilliant conclusion to the whole episode.

I am still mixing it and covering the ground for Liverpool and it is probably one of the hardest places to play because of the physical demands.

  • Ricardo Clara