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"It is very interesting to see that students are applying the AI technology in different ways in several use cases, helping us in industries like healthcare and education", Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India, recently told IANS. It basically provides a mirror image of the smartphone interface directly onto your PC or laptop. That would send too many Mac users up in flames.

Namely, Microsoft isn't really in the consumer game.

Office 365, on the other hand, has 135 million monthly active users. "These advancements create incredible developer opportunity and also come with a responsibility to ensure the technology we build is trusted and benefits all", Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told the gathering.

There are students from India who have created AI and Machine Learning-based apps.

The Windows 10 Mobile platform is kind of dead.

An American tech giant, Microsoft announced that it is partnering with the world's largest drone maker, DJI to create a new software development kit for Windows 10. Cloud services can learn grammar patterns and propose more types of corrections.

It doesn't look like Microsoft's strategy of intertwining PCs and smartphones is going anywhere, so expect more integrations and apps like these in the future. The first service is Custom Vision, which will enables drones and industrial equipment to "take critical action quickly without requiring cloud connectivity", according to the firm.

See your phone history on your Windows PC.

Notifications in Your Phone. Eventually, it should morph into a product inside Windows to make the seamless connection between phone and PC possible.

The company is also releasing an enterprise version of Launcher that will let administrators pre-configure the Android home screen application. You'll also be able to pay bills in a card using Microsoft Pay.

The court gave Microsoft 30 days to simplify it. The decision was signed April 27 but made public by prosecutors yesterday. It doesn't offer automatic deployment on the mobile OSes, but does allow this on Windows 10 devices.

"Today we are excited to announce a new initiative, Project Kinect for Azure - a package of sensors from Microsoft that contains our unmatched time-of-flight depth camera, with onboard compute, in a small, power-efficient form factor - designed for AI on the edge". The new fee structure also doesn't apply to the Microsoft Store for Business or Microsoft Store for Education. On top of that, Microsoft Layout allows customers to design spaces with mixed reality.

For developers, the company presented new and updated Microsoft Teams APIs in the Microsoft Graph and support for organization-specific applications in Teams.

Read the complete changelog below and click on the download link to manually install it, if you need it.

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