N. Korea to rejoin South's time zone in conciliatory gesture

The former Chicago Bulls player has visited Kim several times, and as recently as March urged Trump to let him travel to North Korea as a peace envoy.

Moon responded by saying Trump should get it. Kim Dae-Jung championed the so-called Sunshine policy of engagement with North Korea and won the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize after engineering the first inter-Korean summit with former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. But I reckon both of these are wrong, because they both start from the notion that we on the outside have a lot of influence on North Korean foreign-policy decisions.

Moon and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday pledged to end hostilities between the two countries and work towards the "complete denuclearisation" of the Korean peninsula in the first inter-Korean summit in more than a decade.

Some analysts see Moon's agreement with Kim at the summit as a disappointment, citing the lack of references to verification and timeframes and also the absence of a definition on what would constitute a "complete" denuclearization of the peninsula. The Russian leader reportedly said there is a need to ensure the achievements of the inter-Korean summit lead into joint cooperation between the two Koreas and Moscow, Yonhap reported.

The northern time zone was created in 2015 to mark the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation from Japanese rule after World War Two.

North Korea is not the only country to have used a time zone to assert its national identity.

"That's very nice, thank you", Trump replied.

South Korean officials also cited Kim as saying he would be willing to give up his nuclear programs if the United States commits to a formal end to the Korean War and a pledge not to attack the North. Kim had already suspended his nuclear and missile tests while offering to put his nuclear weapons up for negotiations.

South Korea and Japan are in the same time zone, nine hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

The mil-tech community is still debating exactly what capability the North has, but it is pretty broadly accepted that the country can hit the U.S. homeland. Seoul began blaring anti-North Korean broadcasts and K-Pop songs via border loudspeakers, and North Korea quickly matched the action with its own border broadcasts and launches of balloons carrying anti-South leaflets.

"I think it is going to happen; the dates and the places are still under discussion", he said. That upcoming meeting was the main subject of a private walk and chat that Kim and Moon had during their meeting at the border, the official said. Trump's insistence to renegotiating the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) even as tensions with North Korea were high suggested just how little Trump cares about harmonious relations with a long-standing ally.

Asked on CBS' "Face the Nation" whether the U.S. would make such a promise, Bolton said: "Well, we've heard this before".

None of this means that Trump will actually toss U.S. allies to the curb after meeting with Kim.

Moon has the political capital to make these kinds of statements about Trump, however eyebrow-raising they may be to his domestic constituents.

The peacemaking comments stand in stark contrast to previous remarks and actions by Kim, who drove the Peninsula close to the brink of war last year by undertaking a series of missile and nuclear tests.

Many South Koreans were struck by the live TV images during the summit of a smiling and joking Kim.

The closing of the Punggy-ri test site, where all six of North Korea's atomic bomb tests occurred, could be an eye-catching disarmament step by North Korea.

China's Foreign Minister Wang Si is also expected to visit North Korea later this week. But they also cautioned that the initiative could collapse, and the United States find itself in a conflict with North Korea.

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